A base is the home of operations of any one player. This is where they'll launch fleets from, repair fleets, research items, build rockets, upgrade building and a host of other things.



An Outpost as it appears in a base.


The center of one's base is the Outpost, the largest and most expensive to upgrade or repair building in a base. This acts as the hub but doesn't offer much use apart from being able to increase the maximum land allowance, how much certain buildings can be upgraded, etc.


There are 4 different kinds of harvester or farm building, each helping to generate one of the 4 main resources in the game. For example wind turbine generate energy, Zynthium refineries generate Zynthium, Oil rigs generate Oil and Metal foundries generate metal. These can all be upgraded up to level 10 and another level is accesable each time the Outpost is upgraded (a level 1 Outpost allows up to 2 of each farm, and another 1 of each per level the Outpost is upgraded untill a maximum of 5 of each is reached.).


There are also a series of labs in the game, built for researching items such as weapons or ship hulls. These are as follows:

  • Naval Lab; used for researching ship hulls and ship armor.
  • Weapons Lab; used for researching base weapons, ship weapons and rockets.
  • Advanced Lab; used for researching ship specials and base specials.
  • Itelligence Lab; used for researching weapons from blueprints found when defeating Draconian forces.


These act as storage for resources collected by the player. Once built they expand the maximum amount of each resource by a given figure. One can build as many warehouses as their Outpost has levels, so someone with a level 6 Outpost could build 6 warehouses. They can also be upgraded up to level 10.


There are two main buildings associated with shipping and ships in general (the Naval lab is also involved but has been included in the Labs section above). They are as follows:

  • Shipyard; where ships are designed and built.
  • Dock; where ships are launched, dock, are repaired and are organised into fleets.


There are also a selection of buildings associated with defence. These help defend a player's base and their resources from attackers. They are as follows:

  • Defence platform; used for mounting base weapons.
  • Wall corner; used to defend bases from enemy fire and usually placed at corners in walls.
  • Wall; used to strech the strait parts of base walls.

All of these can be upgraded to increse their effectiveness and defence capabilities.


Alongside all of these main buildings there are also currently 3 other building used for various things. they are as follows:

  • Radio tower; used for emailing the player with alerts for when their base is is under attack/news and updates.
  • Great Hall; used for organising and assigning any recruited officers and for recruiting more.
  • Trading Post; used to purchse resources, speed ups or base protection.