What is a Hull?Edit

A hull is the basic body of a ship without weapons or additional armor. The hull is the template upon which your warship is constructed: more hulls can be researched in the naval lab. You only start out with one hull, the gunboat, a small lightly armoured basic ship.

Features of HullsEdit

Currently, there are eight types of hulls in Battle Pirates. A hull is the template for a warship and can be configured in any number of ways based on the number of weapon slots available, the number of armor (armour) slots available, and the maximum weight the hull can sustain. During the construction process at the Shipyard, the weights of each weapon and piece of armor are totaled as they are selected: a ship can't be built which exceeds the maximum weight of the hull. The cost in resources and time to construct a ship is a function of which weapons and armor are chosen. As the ships get larger, their maximum speed decreases.

Note: Only Battle Barges, Leviathans, Sea-Wolves, and Floating Fortresses can be refitted once they are constructed (for a separate cost of time and resources). All other ships can not be modified after construction. All completed ships can be scrapped for a percentage of their build cost.

Hull Statistics TableEdit

Here is a table showing the statistics of hulls:

Ship Armour Slots Weapon Slots Special Slots Max Weight (1) Armour Points (2) Speed (3)
Gunboat 1 1 0 31 10 50
Skirmisher 1 1 0 82 27 43
Longship 2 2 1 216 72 37


2 3 1 570 190


'Battle Barge'

2 4 2 1,397 446 27
Leviathan 3 5 2 3,222 1,074 23
Sea Wolf 1 5 3 2,300 550 30

Floating Fortress

3 6


6,951 2,317 20

The new ones are in the table below

Ship Armour Slots Weapon Slots Special Slots Max Weight Armour Points Speed
Predator Submarine 1 2 1 400 80 27
Stalker Submarine 2 4 2 2,200 250 20
Hammerhead 3 6 2 7,500 2,400 23

(1) The maximum weight (total of weapons and armor) the hull can sustain

(2) The base armor for a hull: additional armor can be added during the build process.

(3) The game lists the speed as MPH, but it is directly related to the number of game squares a ship can travel in a minute.

Hull Research RequirementsEdit

Ship Hull Lab Prereq Time (1) Oil Metal Energy Zynthium
Gunboat - - - - - - -
Skirmisher 2 -
Longship 3
Marauder 4
Battle Barge 6 Marauder 1d 4h 7m 997k 797k 748k 897k
Leviathan 8 Battle Barge, Marauder 5d 20h 37m 4.2m 3.3m 3.1m 3.8m
Sea Wolf
9 Battle Barge 8d 18h 56m 9.6m 7.7m 7.2m 8.6m
Floating Fortress 10 Leviathan 11d 17h 15m 15.6m 12.5m 11.7m 14.1m

(1) Not including benefit from Officer.