What is Landfill?Edit

Landfill is a term for the basic land that makes up a players base. The placement of land is found under the Terrain menu. The amount of landfill which can be placed depends on the level of the outpost. Landfill can only be placed on water, and to remove landfill you must place water over it (only unoccupied land can be replaced with water). There is no cost for either building or removing a plot of land. There is also no need for a worker.

With the exception of the Shipyard, Oil Derricks (a resource generator), and the Dock, all buildings must be played on land. The arrangement of land on a player's base is a very important aspect of a base's defense as all weapons have a limited attack range.

There are some restrictions to landfill placement in Battle Pirates. For example, narrow channels (which would restrict access by ships) can't be built.