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Naval LabsEdit

Naval Lab
Naval labs are where all your hull and armour research takes place. Once you have researched something, you may use it as many times as you wish. Researching takes resources, and the price usualy varies on what it is that your researching. You may only build one naval lab, however, you can upgrade it to unlock more hulls and armour for research. You can speed up your research by spending gold.


Gunboat - Already unlocked at the start of the game.

Skirmisher - Requires a level

Longship - Requires

Marauder - Requires a l

Battle Barge - Requires a l

Leviathan - Requires a level 8

Sea Wolf- Requires a level 9

Floating Fortress - Requires a level 10


Iron I - Requires lab

Iron II - Requires alab

Iron III - Requires a

Iron IV - Requires a level 4 naval lab

Steel I - Requires a

Steel II - Requires a level 4 naval lab

Steel III - Requires a level 5 n

Steel IV - Requires a level 6 naval lab


Titanium II - Requires a level 6 naval lab

Titanium III - Requires a level 7 naval lab

Titanium IV - Requires a level 8 naval lab



Depleted Uranium III - Requires a level 9 naval lab and Titanium III

Depleted Uranium IV - Requires a level 10 naval lab and Titanium IV

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