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Outposts are a place to get it on. Every building type needs an outpost to be built (with the exception of water) and in upgrading your outpost will prove valuable to unlock new buildings and upgrades.

At game start the player can build four resource buildings and three warehouses. At outpost level 4 the player gets the possibility to build an extra warehouse and one of each of the resource buildings. For every level of the outpost, the player gains additional turrets, wall sections and land tiles.

Level Cost: oil-metal-energy-zynthium Upgrade/build time
1 You are given this at the start of the game. None
2 17,000 - 20,400 - 21,250 - 15,300 30mins
3 173,400 - 208,080 - 216,750 - 156,060 2hrs 30mins
4 1,768,680 - 2,122,416 - 2,210,850 - 1,591,812 12hrs 30mins
5 18,040,536 - 21,648,643 - 22,550,670 - 16,236,482 2d 14hrs 30mins

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