Predator Submarine

Predator Submarine

This submarine is the first submarine to unlock. With it's submerging ability it can be used for sneak attacks though it cannot use surface warfare weaponry. it costs lots of supplies to research but is very useful.

Once you unlock Havok Torpedoes IV and Eng II, these make it very easy to defeat salvages up to level 9.

  • TIP* If you don't put any armor on them, they can be repaired for 7 minutes + Instant repair 5 minutes. If you use your subs right, you should not have to repair, except when you make a mistake.

Armor: 120

Combat Speed: 12

Turn Speed: 25

Map Speed: 27mph

Evade: 0%

Cargo: 2,500

Cloak Efficiency: 0%

Underewater Weapons? Yes

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