Resource Buildings

There are four resource buildings, one for each resource. You can gain additional resource buildings by upgrading your outpost.

Metal Foundry
Metal Foundry - Produces Metal

Metal foundry requires 283 oil and 425 energy to be built.

Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine - Produces Metal

Wind trubine requires 283 oil and 425 metal to be built.

Gem refinary
Gem Refinary - Produces Zynthonite

Gem refinary requires 425 oil, 283 energy and 283 metal to be built.

Oil Rig
Oil Rig - Produces Oil

Oil rig requires 425 metal and 283 energy to be built.

Gaining Resources

There are four ways to gain resources.

1) Banking resources from your resource buildings.

2) Battling other players.

3) Capturing resource deposits.

4) Battling dracnoians in salvages.

Storing Resources

Resources can be stored in warehouses, although outposts also have a small storage capacity.