What are resources?

Resources are the things you need to build or research everything in the game.There are five resources: metal, energy, oil, zynthonite and gold. Gold is not actualy used to buy buildings, but to speed up their construction and research times, as well as trading it for other resources. Gold is not considered by some as a true resource.

Your Own Resources

There are four types of each resource building, one for each main resource.

The metal foundry produces metal.

The wind turbine produces energy.

The Oil rig produces oil.

The gem refinary produces zynthointe.

(For pictures, go to the resource buildings page or each individual building page)

Placement of resource buildings

Resource buildings must be placed on land, with the acception of the oil rig which must be placed on water. The oil rig also has a larger build area.

Production Rates

Each resource produces at an even rate, except zynthonite which produces half as quickly as the others. You can also speed up the production rate of resources by capturing resource depsoties.

Other Ways To Obtain Resources

You can also gain additional resources by mining resource deposites, attacking other players or attacking salvages.