There are many clans all of them different in m
  • The clan battle, but he renegades didn't show up.
  • The swashbucklers after the battle.
any ways, but this clan, the Shashbucklers is one of the most successful so far having showed there true power during the first clan battle making it clear that there are none to rival them.

History of Swashbucklers:Edit

After the creation of The Renegades ({TR}) a group of people decided they they also wanted to make a clan and so the Swashbucklers was born. It grew quickly as they became well known as a group of pofessional players. It wasn't long until The Renegades decided that they were a great threat to them so came up with the idea of having a clan battle. The battle was organised quickly and the Swashbucklers prepaired for it but due to lack of comunication on the side of the Renegades, the clan battle never happened as the thumb|300px|right|The second clan battleRenegades failed to show up.

In the following battle there were vast numbers of both Swashbucklers and Renegades there were roughly 56 Swashbucklers and 25 Renegades.So the odds were in the Swashbucklers favour but the Renegades put up a fight defeating over 30 Swashbucklers in the proccess but the Swashbucklers won the match and even defeated William The Conqueror( A member of the Casual Collective team).