Weapons LabEdit

Weapons lab
The weapons lab is the building where all your weapon research takes place. Once you have researched something, you may use it as many times as you wish. Researching takes resources, and the price usualy varies on what it is that your reseching. You may only build one weapons lab, however, you can upgrade it to unlock more weapons for reearch. You can speed up your research by spending gold. The maximum level of the weapons lab is determined by the outpost level. You can research three kinds of weapons here:
  • Ship Weapons, that are mounted on the ships you design in your

Level Cost: oil-metal-energy-zynthium Upgrade/build time Outpost
1 850 - 1,700 - 2,125 - 340 25s 1*
2 2,338 - 4,675 - 5,844 - 935 4mins 10s 1
3 6,428 - 12,856 - 16,070 - 2,571 1hr 2mins 30s 2
5 48,613 - 97,225 - 121,532 - 19,445 12hrs 30 min 2
9 2,780,228 - 5,560,457 - 6,950,571 -1,112,091 7d 4h 15m 56s 4
  • This building is normally already constructed once you begin, but if something happens to it like you recycle it then you will need to make sure that following buildings are already built: An Outpost, A Dock, A Shipyard, and A War Academy as it requires all of these before it can be built.

Base WeaponsEdit



Flak Guns


These are the rockets you can build in your Launch Pad.

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